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The Exclusive Floratine Distibutor for Northern/Central California and Northern Nevada

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At Floratine, we understand that our customers livelihoods and professional reputations are largely dependent upon the quality of the turfgrass they maintain. We take this seriously, which is why for 20 years, Floratine has worked hard to earn the trust of thousands of turf professionals in more than 30 countries. We provide these customers with the Floratine Foliar products they need to maintain premium turfgrass conditions.


We don’t aim to be the cheapest products on the market - just the best. And we don’t take shortcuts, either. Floratine Foliars use only the highest-grade ingredients to maximize plant uptake. By investing in the highest quality raw materials, the plant is better able to uptake essential nutrients via the foliage and minimize burn potential.


In addition, we are one of the only companies in the industry to manufacture and ship products ourselves, which gives us absolute quality control and the ability to react quickly to customers needs.


Because every customer faces different challenges, Floratine Foliar products are not a one size fits all. Customers use our products to address their own specific issues and they do so with the confidence that comes from the real-life success of their peers.


Floratine is dedicated to one single goal: providing products and solutions to help our customers maintain the finest turfgrass surfaces in the world. We know their livelihoods and professional reputations are at stake and, for this reason, so we remain wholly committed to their success.


DO NOT CONTAIN Non-beneficial, agricultural or utility grade nutrients (Chlorides, Hydroxides, Acetates) or synthetic chelates (EDTA, HEDTA, etc). If a nutrition product contains any of the ingredients above, foliar uptake may be significantly inhibited and may cause stress to your turf and less than desirable results.

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Foliar Products

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GrassRoots Turf Supply LOGO.jpg

The GRTS Team

At GRTS we are grass growers to our core. With a combined  100 + years of experience managing the finest turfgrass, we have the knowledge you need to succeed. Whether we are helping grow in a sports field, or recovering from putting green aeration, we have the tools to help you get the job done right. So give your local GRTS Rep a call and book an appointment now:


Product Lines

From Fertlizers and Fungicides to Aeration tines and Accessories and everything in between, GRTS has you covered!

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GrassRoots Turf Supply LOGO.jpg


GrassRoots Turf Supply LOGO.jpg
GrassRoots Turf Supply LOGO.jpg

GRTS offers a full compliment of Soil, Water and Tissue Testing


Ana - Lync

To provide proper care, doctors must be confident in a precise diagnosis. As turf professionals, the same goes for you and your soil. Ana-Lync is an advanced soil analysis system that offers an in-depth look at your turf soil to help you establish the proper nutrient regimen by comparing your soil samples against 30,000 samples across your region. Once this analysis is complete, Floratine can help develop programs that correct nutrient deficiencies through a combination of highly efficient foliar-feeding and soil applications.


AgSource Labs

Rooted in the agricultural industry, we bring data to life through laboratory analysis and innovative reporting solutions. Our laboratory network and field teams provide an expansive array of analyses and consulting services to help you make data-driven management decisions.

From farmers to municipalities, your success is ours.


Soil Mechanix

The Core solution for soil problems. Soil Mechanix is an in depth view of soil respiration, acidity, particle distribution, water holding and gravimetric moisture content. you recieve an in depth amnalyis of particle density, water holding % and uniform wetting %. as well as root depth, root mass and percolation rates per inch of core sample.

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Give us a call or drop an email: we're always available to talk TURF! 

20425 Franciscan Way

Salinas, CA 93908


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